Watch Kundali Bhagya TV Serial from Zee TV Online

Watch Kundali Bhagya TV Serial from Zee TV Online

Watch Kundali Bhagya TV Serial from Zee TV Online

These days’s episode begins in Luthra house where Sarla and Sanjana have fight for Prithvi. Sanjana asks Sarla to stay away from Prithvi as she knows his actual face. Karina comes there. Sarla expects Karina to support her in the difficulty. Prithvi gets tensed as he fears if Sanjana famous his actual face. He messages Sherlyn as he’s caught in the problem. Sherlyn additionally receives tensed as Sanjana is aware of about her relation with Prithvi.

She right away goes there and takes Sanjana faraway from there giving some fake reason however Sarla wishes Sanjana to make an apology to Prithvi. Sanjana apologizes helplessly. Prithvi gets cozy. He pretends of being grateful to Sarla.

Inside the next scene, Karan is gambling some game with Tanvi. Preeta comes there. She receives jealous so she interfers and takes Karan away. Rishabh comes there. Tanvi feels fine to satisfy him. She compliments him for being a pleasing pair with Preeta so questions him about no longer getting married to Preeta. Rishabh blushes and avoids speaking a great deal approximately it.

But Tanvi insists on the topic. Shrishty additionally wonders about Tanvi’s behaviour with Rishabh. Rishabh additionally feels awkward. Sameer also comes there. He sees Shrishty getting angry on Tanvi for Rishabh. So he doubts if Shrishty likes Rishabh. Shishty takes Rishabh apart. But Tanvi wonders approximately the behaviour of Rishabh, Preeta, Karan and Rishabh. Preeta also questions Karan approximately being with Tanvi. However Karan attempts to flirt together with her again. They’ve a lovable combat. He teases her for being jealous to see him with Tanvi.

In the subsequent scene, Rishabh looks for a few precise fabric as he wishes to go for a assembly. Tanvi comes there to choose a fit for him. Preeta comes there. Rishabh asks Preeta to select a in shape for him for the meeting. Tanvi receives a call from her mother. Rishabh additionally feels that Tanvi is a pleasant female. Preeta doesn’t like that.

She questions him for calling Tanvi as a adorable female. Rishabh cannot supply a right purpose of calling Tanvi as a lovely woman. However he later explains that Tanvi made him relaxed. Preeta receives disenchanted with him. So she leaves from there. Rishabh wonders about he behaviour. He goes to apologize to Preeta. Karan meets him. Karan questions him for being tensed and stressed.

Inside the preceding episode, we see how Preeta and Karan plan to get Sherlyn drunk. Later, Rishabh and Preeta share a moment which makes it obtrusive approximately Rishabh falling for Preeta. Seeing Sarla, Kareena and Sanjana getting concerned in an issue about Prithvi, he messages Sherlyn to useful resource him.

In the meantime, Preeta finds Karan with Tanvi getting compatible, she feels insecure and takes him from there. Tanvi catched keep of Rishabh and needs to realize whether or no longer he likes Preeta. As Rishabh was looking to avoid the conversation, she holds Rishabh’s hand and requests him for an answer. Shristi sees Tanvi getting close to Rishabh and ridicules her behaviour towards the men of Luthra residence.

In advance, Shristi had also stuck Tanvi looking to get near Sammy when she had just come. Shristi, trying to save Rishabh, comes and takes him far from her. Karan and Preeta get involved of their everyday bitter candy verbal exchange about Karan coming close to Tanvi.for more info you can check that Kundali Bhagya.

Later, Rishabh turned into visible careworn among which outfit to select for his very important meeting which became scheduled for tomorrow. Tanvi offers to assist Rishabh select most of the shades. Preeta was passing via while Rishabh requires her and seeks advice. Tanvi leaves the room as she gets a call from her mother. Rishabh tells Preeta about locating Tanvi lovable. Preeta behaves weird and leaves the room.

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