The Kick-off: The sports stories you need to know this morning

The Kick-off: The sports stories you need to know this morning

The Kick-off: The sports stories you need to know this morning

Through the Dubai World Cup, the UAE has proven that horse racing is not merely a race for horse racing fans but raises the country’s national reputation and contributes to economic growth. The UAE strategically invested horse racing as an economic breakthrough against oil depletion. Despite the fact that it is not allowed to bet because of religious reasons, it has been holding the ‘Dubai World Cup’ since 1996, and it pours out tens of billions of won every year.

As a result, the UAE announced Dubai around the world using horse racing, which was considered a Western all-in-one. ‘Dubai World Cup’ is a relatively new event, held for the 24th time this year, but with the average 112-year history of the United States ‘Breeders’ Cup, ‘Kentucky Derby’ and Australia’s ‘Melbourne Cup’ .

During the ‘Dubai World Cup‘, the ‘Meidan’ racetrack, which can accommodate 60,000 people, and the Meidan Hotel in its 250 luxurious rooms are full. It is broadcasted not only by its own broadcasting station but also by the ABC of the United States.

Frank Gabriel, director of the Dubai Racing Club, said: “The first Dubai World Cup was held in 1996 to show what Dubai is. As a result, tourism has grown by at least 30%. ” The UAE, using its national reputation as a “Dubai World Cup”, has aggressively attracted foreign investment and developed its tourism industry in the 2000s, making it an advanced country with a national income of $ 40,000.

This is not just the UAE. The Melbourne Cup, a racing festival in Australia, where the world’s largest crowd is gathering attracts over 100,000 spectators every year and creates enormous economic wealth. During the festival period of 2017, economic benefits of 444.5 million US dollars were generated in all fields such as tourism, transportation, lodging, and fashion business. Overseas visitors grew 2.1% year-on-year and created 20,000 jobs.

Amanda Elliott, chairman of the Victoria Racing Club of Australia, who is hosting the Melbourne Cup, said: “The economic impact of horse racing on Australia through the Melbourne Cup is unmatched by any other sport.”

Using sporting events to promote the country is also familiar to Koreans. Korea has also experienced such an effect through international sports events such as the 88 Seoul Olympics and the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Now it is the turn of Korean horse racing.For best services you can visit just goto 해외스포츠중계.

The Korean marathon has been inviting excellent racehorses from all over the world since 2016 to participate in the international racing ‘Korea Sprint’ and ‘Korea Cup’. The Korea Racing Real-time export business, which started in two countries in 2014, increased significantly after the Korea Sprint and Korea Cup, and last year, Hong Kong, America, Australia, It has achieved a great success in exporting Korean Gyeongju to 13 countries including the UK.

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