SBOBET and Borussia Dortmund deal “a huge step” for Asian fans

SBOBET and Borussia Dortmund deal “a huge step” for Asian fans

SBOBET and Borussia Dortmund deal “a huge step” for Asian fans

Gambling houses as sponsors certainly provide their own advantages, because of the massive unstoppable football gambling activities. With records of soccer gambling that is legally regulated and issued by a verified gambling house.

In some countries, there are regulations that prohibit sports activities related to gambling houses. Despite the nature of the gambling house providing assistance to the club.

One of the countries that banned it was Italy. Through a regulation called Decreto Dignita or Self-Esteem Decree approved by the Italian Council of Ministers. The decree prohibits gambling companies from marketing openly for all sports activities.

Then, what about England? The fact that West Ham United and SBOBET still have a relationship is proof that gambling in England is still given a place. Moreover, the existence of gambling houses in the UK is very helpful for club funding.

This season in the English Premier League there are 9 out of 20 clubs that compete using gambling home sponsors from various countries. Starting from Fulham with a local English gambling house, Dafabet, or Everton with a SportPesa gambling house from Kenya.

Although it seems that there is no problem the sponsor of the gambling house itself has been questioned. SBOBET, for example, has a case of alleged match fixing both in the UK and outside the UK. In October 2008 the company led by Bill Mummery was allegedly involved in a match fixing case in the Norwich City match against Derby County, although finally there was no strong evidence for the case.

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