cheap chinese phone deck smart will delight you unless your gooseberry

cheap chinese phone deck smart will delight you unless your gooseberry

cheap chinese phone deck smart will delight you unless your gooseberry

The flagship of the Galaxy S line has traditionally appeared at the beginning of the year, and in 2019, it has become a flagship. Will not become an exception. According to rumors, at the end of February, during the MWC-2019 event, the Korean giant will simultaneously present three models of the Galaxy S10: the base version, the improved version with the Plus sign and the simplified Lite version. All devices will have a frameless Infinity-O display with front camera,

built into the top corner, just like the previously released Galaxy A8. True The Galaxy S10 Plus often mentions a dual front module, which means that the position of the camera on the screen is likely to be oval. The Galaxy S10 Plus’s screen size is 6.4 inches, the Galaxy S10 is 6.1 inches and the Galaxy S10 Lite is five, eight inches. The first two smartphones are believed to have fingerprint readers installed directly below the screen, and the smallest model will be placed on the side.

The Galaxy S10 Plus’s main camera will triple, with a horizontal lens layout. The usual versions of Galaxy S10 and Lite will have a dual module. Smartphones will work on the eight-nanometer Exynos 9820 or the seven-nanometer Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Memory capacity up to eight GB, internal memory up to 512 GB. It is reported that in some countries new equipment will be available from March 8th. Preliminary prices: Galaxy S10 – from € 750

Galaxy S10 Lite – from € 900, Galaxy S10 Plus – from € 1,050. Sony In February, Sony also plans to launch the new Xperia XZ4 flagship. Based on the latest information, this will be the first smartphone with a 21: nine screen format. The fingerprint reader will return to the side, although it is integrated in the center of the back of the device in all the latest smartphones of the company.

As far as the characteristics are concerned, it is currently known that the device will have a 3900 mAh battery, a Snapdragon 855 processor and 6 GB of RAM. The main camera will be triple, with a vertical layout of the modules. The main sensor can be 48 megapixel IMX586, which has already made its debut on the Huawei Nova 4 smartphone. When it comes to Xperia XZ4, Sony will once again try to upgrade the entire line, focusing on the new design.

In the spring, Huawei should introduce new smart phones. We are talking about the P30 and P30 models, information about it has already appeared on the Internet. If you believe in rumors, the first option will get a triple main camera, and the second one will have a full quartet sensor. The modules of both devices will be located vertically on the left side of the housing. From the cover images, both devices will have a fingerprint scanner on the screen because there is no cutout on either the back or the side of the body.

In terms of device settings, we can only say that the devices will be equipped with a Kirin 980 patented eight-core processor. At the moment, it is the most powerful Huawei chip that made its debut with the Mate 20 flagship. Xiaomi First 2019 The new Xiaomi Mi nine will be launched in the quarter to compete for the popular smartphone name. Its estimated cost is around $ 550 (about € 480), so the news will be one of the most affordable solutions with the new Snapdragon 855 processor.

Mi 9 should get a 6, 4-inch AMOLED display with a built-in fingerprint reader and triple-core camera with forty eight megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor. Two additional sensors will be used for wide-angle shooting and optical zoom. The planned capacity of the Xiaomi Mi 9 battery is 3 seven-hundred mAh. It is rumored that the device will support wireless charging and Qualcomm short price 5.Zero technology. Some sources also mention the protection of the device against moisture and dust, which is a novelty for the devices in this series. Nokia 2019

At first, HMD International can introduce Nokia nine PureView. According to rumors, this will be the first smartphone to receive five rear cameras. They will be installed in the center of the rear panel. This is confirmed by the images leaked into the net, as well as silicone cases with seven cuts. Five of them are for different lenses and two are for flash and auxiliary sensors.

There is no information on the inside of the device yet, but it will probably be a full-fledged flagship that will strive to fight for the best mobile device for photography. Apple 2019 In the fall, Apple will launch a new iPhone once. Waiting will continue for a long time, but rumors about the main features of devices have already appeared on the web. If you believe in what is inside the public, three models will be introduced next year. We plan to have three major cameras, the new Apple A13 processor and even the new Apple pencil support for the planned news, and the Lightning connector will change to USB type can check here infomation about telefonu deklai.


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